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Тема: Super Shoot
31-12-2018 11:34 Хабаровск
После 48 лет Super Shoot в Огайо на стрельбище в Келбли, Келбли отходит от проведения данного мероприятия и с 2020г. соревнования будут проводить в Техасе организаторами будут Shilen Rifles

edit log

31-12-2018 11:35 Хабаровск

After 2020 the Super Shoot will go to Wade and J Hull owners of Shilen Rifles. They intend on holding the Super Shoot in Texas close to Dallas. Unfortunately they still need land and to build facilities. Wade has informed me that he has spoken to Scott Pieper of St Louis BR Rifle Club and Scott has indicated that Shilen could hold the Super Shoot at St. Louis for several years while the range in Texas was being built. This will allow no lapse in Super Shoot after 2020.

Wade has also informed me that any shooting equipment currently at Kelbly's would be transferred to St Louis and eventually to Texas, if shooters would like this done. Wade's intent is to keep the Super Shoot an International event and will cater to international shooters as Kelbly's has done in past. I will personally be involved in several Super Shoots after 2020 to keep a smooth transition.

At this point, this is all the info we have on Super Shoot after 2020.