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1-4-2020 12:54 AlKri
Собственно вот...

The "World Shorting & Guns Rifle Magazine" (US Version)

The final agreement was reached on concentrating the production of smoothbore weapons of leading Italian, French and Spanish companies (Beretta, Benelli, Bettinsoli, A.Zoli, FABARM, Darne, Manyufrans, Breda, Akyurre and Arenzabali and 17 other companies) and Turkish manufacturers. In addition, joining the 'arms agreement of the century', as "Jane's" called it (weekly weapons magazine), negotiations with Browning, Chesterfield, Sittori, Blazer are in the final stages. Not yet affected by British and Austrian firms. As we mentioned earlier, the initiator of the transaction was the American oil corporations Exxon Mobile and Chevron. By early 2020, oil giants owned controlling stakes in virtually all major arms manufacturers, with the exception of the Russian Kalashnikov and TsKIB, the Chinese Kubashi-Hee and Nanjing-Sebo, as well as the Indian Patu.
According to the Executive Director of the Exxon Mobil firearms department, Dr. Kunigunda Makamotsky, it was originally planned to place production in China, but, given the current realities, the choice fell on Turkey. A huge complex will be built at the Huglu production site (work has already begun), including the full production cycle of sports and hunting weapons. Huglu concern will receive up to 8.2 billion dollars for this project, part of the funds will be provided by the US State Department and the European command of NATO. Maximum automation and full coverage of all processes (from the manufacture of trunks to wood impregnation) using a computer control system with artificial intelligence will make it possible to produce any model of any brand in the shortest possible time and in unlimited quantities. The total capacity of the lines is estimated at 300 thousand per year. It is assumed that for the production of 1 unit for pistols of the 69 * family (Beretta), 0.12 hours of machine time (with a full cycle of 4.2 hours, including test firing and packaging) will be required if the number in the batch exceeds 100 units. - 0.08 hours. At the insistence of Huglu engineers (and their opinion is given priority in technical matters), the maximum unification of mechanisms with a high-attention model (НT-14) will be carried out. The issue of the integration model in the class of semi-automatic guns has not yet been resolved.
All models will be produced in the same external design and under the same brands as now, and this applies to packaging and supporting documentation. Since the technical side of the issue will be decided by the Turkish side, other companies are invited to improve the appearance, improve and develop new marketing solutions to maintain constant demand for their products.
Duro Falsier, own correspondent. Fortaleza, 04/01/2020

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1-4-2020 13:34 UDAnarxist
1е апреля священно, даже во время карантина )))
1-4-2020 14:35 ivanovse
особенно фамилия корреспондента FALSIER.
1-4-2020 19:30 Kalita
Забавно..особенно про НТ14..флагман спортивных ружиков..не иначе
1-4-2020 20:54 Мистер_Пэ
1 апреля предлагаю считать официальным днем фейк-ньюс.
2-4-2020 10:39 mbogo
Спасибо, Александр Вячеславович! Praemonitus, praemunitus! (Кто предупрежден, тот вооружен!) Отличный текст! И главное почти правдоподобный.))))) Если только не обращать внимания на кучу нестыковок и ошибок.
Но самое смешное в том, что разумное начало в тексте есть, если принять во внимание, что очень много компаний размещают в Турции заказы на производство под своим брендом.
2-4-2020 10:58 AlKri
Originally posted by mbogo:

Если только не обращать внимания на кучу нестыковок и ошибок.

Спасибо, я попеняю г-ну Фальсие за сырой материал. Не судите его слишком строго, нынешняя пресса просто кишит неточностями и ошибками.
Вот, например :

click for enlarge 1008 X 630 21.3 Kb

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Фирмы "Дема" уже десять лет, как нет в помине. Она давно вошла в "Вернэ-Каррон".
7-4-2020 03:03 andreiz
Забыли написать, кто будет обеспечивать системы менеджмента качества по разным брэндам.
С 1 апреля!!! Talks
Стендовая стрельба
Похоже доигрались...