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posted 19-6-2001 10:58    
US - Israel mobile laser project

18 June 2001

The Pentagon has announced that it will develop a mobile laser weapon in a joint project with Israel. The project calls for the two countries to help develop a mobile tactical high-energy laser for the ground forces. Eventually the laser could be fitted on to helicopters or aeroplanes.

A contract has been signed by the US Army Space & Missile Defense Command and Israel's Defence Ministry to start development of a prototype suitable for both countries. Israel and the United States have already developed and successfully tested a stationary laser, or THEL. It has been indicated that the project will be again be led by TRW Inc., who was the prime contractor for the THEL.

TRW has been awarded a $5.6 contract for a system engineering study of the mobile THEL. This study is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The engineering study will include the determination of requirements for a mobile laser weapon. This includes its size and operational capability.

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