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posted 14-1-2009 11:35    
Greek-Cypriots to Buy Russian Tanks, Considering Missile Purchases

(Source: Forecast International; issued January 9, 2009)

NICOSIA, Cyprus --- The House Defense Committee of the Greek-Cypriot government has approved funds for the purchase of 41 Russian-built T-90 tanks. The money is included as part of the 2009 defense budget. Cyprus already operates the Russian-made T-80 tank.

The Russian tanks were selected over a rival bid from France. The cost of this deal is EUR115 million. Currently, the Greek-Cypriot National Guard operates aging AMX30B2 tanks purchased from France and EE-9 Cascavel armored personnel carriers (APCs) acquired from Brazil.

The Greek-Cypriot Defense Ministry is also calling for the purchase of TOR M2 (SA-15 Gauntlet) mobile air defense missile systems and KORNET (AT-14) anti-armor missiles.

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