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  PAC-3 test hits one, misses two
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posted 27-2-2002 01:09    
PAC-3 test hits one, misses two

21 February 2002

The US Missile Defense Agency and the US Army have conducted an operational test of the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) system at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Although one PAC-2 missile successfully intercepted and destroyed a QF-4 full-scale drone aircraft, a second PAC-2 missile and a PAC-3 missile missed their assigned sub-scale targets. The MDA is investigating the causes if the intercept failures

The test was conducted as a simultaneous engagement in which one PAC-3 missile was to engage and intercept a cruise missile target, while two PAC-2 missiles were to engage and intercept a full-scale aircraft emitting radar-jamming signals and a sub-scale aircraft. The mission was designed to replicate as closely as possible an actual battlefield scenario, with three targets and three missiles in the air at one time. Patriot's system logic is supposed to select the most efficient missile for each engagement. In this case a combination of Raytheon's PAC-2 and Lockheed Martin's PAC-3 missiles were used.

The Army's objective mix of missiles will be comprised of both PAC-3 and an upgraded PAC-2 missile, called GEM+, which is currently in production.

In addition to the target intercepts, test objectives included demonstrating successful operation and interaction of all system elements, including radar, command and control equipment and target identification systems. Soldiers of the 2nd of the 43rd Air Defense Artillery Battalion, Fort Bliss, Texas, demonstrated their ability to conduct a tactical firing mission during this test.

This completes the first of four operational flight tests planned during Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOTE) for the PAC-3 system. IOTE, conducted by the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), is scheduled to conclude in May 2002.

ATEC's final system evaluation report will be prepared by its Army Evaluation Centre and then provided to MDA and Army senior leadership and decision-makers.

The PAC-3 missile is a high velocity, hit-to-kill missile and is the next generation Patriot missile being developed to provide increased defence capability against advanced tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and hostile aircraft. Unlike earlier Patriot missile explosive warheads, the PAC-3 missile literally collides with its target in mid-air at extremely high speed, destroying the target and neutralising its payload. Other system upgrades include improved radar performance, allowing enhanced target discrimination; and new system software that improves determination of target launch and impact points and provides an interface with the Theatre High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system.

Before the latest test, the PAC-3 system had completed two controlled test flights, five tactical ballistic missile body-to-body intercepts, three cruise missile kills, and one aircraft kill resulting in 11 successful developmental flight tests.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control is the prime contractor responsible for the PAC-3 missile segment. Raytheon Company is the prime contractor responsible for the Patriot air and missile defence system and the system integrator for the PAC-3 programme. Raytheon's work on the PAC-3 system includes configuration three ground equipment hardware and software upgrades and remote launch modifications.

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