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  VT1 manufacture awarded to Thales Air Defence
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Автор Тема:   VT1 manufacture awarded to Thales Air Defence    (просмотров: 1)
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posted 20-2-2001 10:33    
16 February 2001

Thales Air Defence Limited (formerly Shorts Missile Systems Limited) has won a multi-million pound contract for the production of the VT1 missile. VT1 is the high performance missile integrated into the Crotale Short Range Air Defence system manufactured by Thales - the new name for Thomson-CSF.

VT1 is one of the fastest missiles in its class with a speed in excess of mach 3.5 and a range of 11 kilometres, and is currently in service in several countries around the world. Originally designed and manufactured in the USA, this new contract will cover development and production of a new batch of missiles. Work for this contract will be carried out in Thales Air Defence facilities in both Belfast and South Down.

Speaking from the headquarters in Belfast, Terry Stone, Chief Executive Officer of Thales Air Defence Limited said, "I am pleased to announce this contract today. We have world class development and production capabilities here in Northern Ireland and I am delighted that this has been confirmed through the award of this contract by the Thales Group".

Thales Air Defence Limited is the UK Prime Contractor for Very Short Range Air Defence systems.

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