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  Aster missile testing continues
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posted 18-7-2001 10:37    
Aster missile testing continues

11 July 2001

The Aster test programme continues with a successful launch of a missile equipped with the Arabel multi-function radar from the French trials ship Ile de Oleron, off Toulon at the end of June.

During the test, Aster intercepted a target simulating a sea skimming missile at short range and only five seconds into its flight. This success follows the test on May 31 2001 against a target using EW countermeasures

Aster is on course for the overall qualification of the system, planned for the second six-month period of this year.

Aster will be deployed as the main air defence missile for the French Navy and will also be used in the PAAMS systems being developed for the Franco-Italian anti-aircraft Horizon frigates and the UK's T 45 destroyers

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