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posted 3-10-2006 21:17    
hi volks, is it possible to tranlate this to russian ?

The ruusian air defense forces used in the former GDR (east germany) the S 125 NEVA to protect airbases, isn`n it ?

In the late 80is the S 125 Neva are chenged to SA8 Osa ?

Are there any information available about this ?

How this SA8 are connected to the air defense net ?

May be there was a change from SA3 to SA8 in NEURUPIN ( Germany)
The SA8 doesn`t has the range of a SA3 an was used by trups land forces.

Pite from Germany


posted 4-10-2006 01:15    
Тут вроде надо бы сперва уточнить английский.
С 125 и Оса вещи, вроде бы, разно масштабные и скорее могут дополнять друг друга при защите аэродромов и др войсковых объектов.

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