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Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat I (Solingen)

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4-10-2004 14:03 DM
Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat I (Solingen)

Куплен за 124 EURO (цена включает доставку в мой родной город)

Нож мне нравится, еще не точил - пока все устраивает, резал мясо, рыбу, овощи.
картошку, конечно чистить им не удобно, поэтому и не пытался
Строгать им не удобно.

На природе срезал дерн под кострище, метается хорошо, но не стоит, вероятно этого делать - мало ли... вдруг попортится

Ножны удобные, фиксируется надежно, при ношении рукоятью вниз не выпадает при спрыгивании с высоты 3,5-4 м.
При прыжках с парашютом, конечно но всякий случай лучше одевать предохранительное кольцо на рукоять.

Для туризма/рыбалки/охоты/походов приобретать этот нож IMHO - не стоит, однозначно - не для этого ножик-то...

В общем-то нож чисто зарезать кого-нибудь
для этого он вполне удобен

click for enlarge

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4-10-2004 14:13 DM
Немного об авторе ножа

Cpt. R. Applegate 1942 with F-S Dagger

Colonel Rex Applegate and his knives

Rex Applegate's biography (1914-1998) reads like an adventure story. He was the head of one of the oldest and most important pioneer families in Oregon. His uncle, Gus Peret, the famous Remington shooting artist, taught him to hunt and how to handle weapons.

He completed his studies at the University of Oregon just before the start of WWII and joined the army. His above average performance attracted the attention of Colonel "Wild Bill" Donovan, the founder of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Donovan personally commissioned Applegate to learn everything possible about armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat. His experience was to be used in the establishment of a training camp for future OSS instructors.

Cpt. R. Applegate 1942 with F-S Dagger

Applegate was the right man at the right time in the right place. He founded the famous OSS training camp "Area B", which today is the US presidential retreat, Camp David. He also gathered experience in England, receiving training in the British "Commando" and the "Special Operations Executive" (SOE), the counterpart of the American OSS. Jointly with these "commandos", he carried out secret missions behind the German lines. During this time, he worked closely with British officers W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes, top experts in the field of military hand-to-hand combat. Fairbairn and Sykes jointly designed the legendary F-S combat knife, probably the most famous commando dagger of World War II. Before the war, both men were members of the Shanghai Municipal Police, the toughest police unit in the world.

With the help of Fairbairn, who was assigned to the OSS as an instructor, Applegate was eventually able to start a training program for hand-to-hand combat. At that time, Applegate was also a personal bodyguard to protect President Roosevelt. Together Applegate and Fairbairn designed improved versions of the F-S commando dagger and the smatchet, a blade-shaped weapon for hand-to-hand combat. However, the war was over shortly after that and the issue of both weapons was delayed.

OSS-Training Camp 1942 Codename "Area B"

Cpt. R. Applegate (background, 4th from left)

Cpt. W. E. Fairbairn (SOE) (foreground 2nd from right)

Decades later, both designs appeared as Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Knife and Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Smatchet in the commercial world of knives.

Rex Applegate authored a number of books on military hand-to-hand combat which are still considered as standard in many armies today.

After the war, he lived in Latin America for a long time where he was intensively involved with riot control and civil unrest. As a trainer in the Mexican army, he was promoted to the rank of general for a short time.

Today, Applegate's ideas can be recognized in numerous non-lethal weapons, such as billy clubs and pepper sprays.

During the past years, he attracted attention primarily with his training films on "Instinctive Shooting in Hand-to-Hand Combat". Although over eighty years old, Applegate never missed any opportunity to demonstrate his proficiency on the shooting range.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Rex Applegate 1997
with Boker A-F Dagger

In cooperation with Böker, Applegate developed the current version of the A-F combat knife with partial saw-blade and quick-draw sheath made of Kydex, a high-tech material. Among his newest designs is the boot-knife version of his tried and tested A-F combat knife, developed during the mid-nineties, which can be carried as a concealed weapon. For this knife, Applegate placed special emphasis on blade design. He was inspired by 2,000-year old spear tips from Japan, which due to blade geometry need to be sharpened on one side only and have an enormous penetration effect, requiring half the usual strength. Made of 440-C-stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 58 HRC, they are guaranteed to keep an edge and have extreme capability. The ergonomically designed handle with slip-proof, lengthwise grooves is made of fiberglass-reinforced Delrin. Additional steel weights in the handle give the knife balance and handling comfort. Continuous numbering on the brass hand guard helps quality control. In order to avoid light reflection, all metal parts were bead blasted. The Kydex sheath can be worn concealed at different body locations by means of a clip and lengthwise slot openings. (R)

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27-10-2004 08:37 DM

Applegate-Fairbairn Black
Mit glatten Schneiden, schwarzer Titan-Aluminium-Nitrid-Beschichtung und Kydex-Scheide.

Bestell-Nr.: 120543B
EUR 152,00

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27-10-2004 09:01 DM
не понимаю только, зачем кроме заводского номера выцарапывать еще какой то (фотографировал не с той стороны, где эта фигня)
29-10-2004 08:58 nozh2002
А можно я не только картинки, но и сам обзор то же добавлю?

Спасибо, Василий.

29-10-2004 09:07 DM
8-3-2006 00:54 legioner

простите .... а как можно приобрести сей экэемпляр ???

8-3-2006 01:30 Rumoko
Холодный он?

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8-3-2006 02:54 пацифист
По охотбилету в Кольчуге.
8-3-2006 11:29 Пастырь
К нам в ЛССР приезжайте - поможем ,ибо они у нас так само лежат.Скидку организуем и получится он не 125 баксов,а 82-83.Никаких ксив не надо,хоть и является холодняком откровенным.
8-3-2006 20:45 Мизгирь
Только ножны у нас продают не кайдекс, а кордура... (надеюсь названия более-менее правильно написал).
11-3-2006 18:52 154CM
Мне его рукоять не нравится - почти круглая в сечении, отверточная и материал тоже, для моей руки великовата. Кроме того, нейлон скользит в сухой руке. Может АФ-boot получше, но в руке его держать не приходилось
14-3-2006 13:09 Bonart
у меня мини-сматчет, взял по случаю, очень доволен. рукоять очень удобна для нанесения колющего удара снизу и прямого колющего с упором головки в ладонь. не требуется больших усилий чтобы пробить вдвое сложенный ватный матрас и воткнуть нож в деревянную стенку.
29-1-2007 11:38 Biaka
купил бы такой в москве
29-1-2007 12:26 Fet
Какие проблемы? Вон пацифист выше писал где они бывают. Talks
Нож глазами владельца
Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat I (Solingen)