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  Any good Russian tactical knives?
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Автор Тема:   Any good Russian tactical knives?    (просмотров: 1)
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posted 1-7-1999 08:33    
Well, tactical knives is a rather broad term so let's narrow it down a bit. By tactical knife I mean a knife SPECIALLY designed for attack/defense against an armed opponent - thus all ladies' cuties (like LadyBug or Delica from Spyderco) and working knives like Endura are out.
Spyderco Police, CQC7 Emerson, Razorback by Masters of Defense are but a few examples of true tactical folders. So has anybody seen a Russian-made tactical folder to match any of the above?


posted 1-7-1999 08:23    
check "Basko" knives :
posted 2-7-1999 06:41    
From the pics on the site Basco knives are surely cute but look like they are better suited to adorn a wall in "New Russian's" office than to be a tactical weapon. It used to be that all the folders in USSR were non-lockable - did the situation change with the new political/social realities?
posted 2-7-1999 07:18    
You are not completely right about "new russians" knives, yes, they make exclusives, but also standard ones in price begining from $25. I don't sure about other knives, often they are made from not much fine steel.
About folders - I have not seen any good industrial made ones, only self-made, and can't answer with confidence about legality.
posted 3-7-1999 06:00    
Every now and then on gun shows in US one can spot Russian-made automatics (spring-assisted opening knives) of rather ingenious design but still "rough on the edges". These are illegal in most states anyway but I was wondering when knifemakers in Russia would get the idea of utility of knives as self-defense tools. As with guns I'd expect a wave of original designs from Russians when it comes to knives.

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