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Умер Мел Пардью.

мигель 43
25-1-2022 13:50 мигель 43
Но память о себе оставил. ПСМ.
Бенчи опубликовали в фейсбуке:
"The Benchmade family is saddened by the passing of our longtime friend and world-class custom knife maker Mel Pardue.
Mel helped us usher in an era of collaboration with custom knife makers that continues to inspire the industry decades later. From icons like the Reflex auto to the venerable Griptilian, Mel s work had an immense impact on the knife world, and his designs have withstood the test of time. His dedication and passion for the knife community were unmatched, and we will miss him greatly.
Our heart goes out to his wife Dodie, his children, grandchildren, and passionate fans all over the world."
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1-2-2022 12:14 Alex379
1-2-2022 23:24 03angara
Жаль, такие люди уходят! Царствия ему небесного и вечного покоя! Светлая память!
25-2-2022 14:18 bariandr
Светлая память.
11-3-2022 18:13 Bonart
5-4-2022 14:54 kazan-ova
2-6-2022 21:42 Oleg215
Царствие небесное Talks
ножи Benchmade
Умер Мел Пардью.