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21-11-2008 11:48 BadFox первое сообщение в теме:
Господа поделитесь ссылками на этот девайс может есть сайт где по нему откровенно болеют я что то очень мало нашел?
1-4-2019 13:55 Allexcolonel
Ружьё "Бойс",как бы намекает, что дело происходит намного поздее, а лавочки и маневровая сигнализация громко кричат, что это метрополия...

Troops from the Somerset Light Infantry man an armoured train on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch miniature railway in Kent, 14 October 1940. H 4731 (IWM Catalog number).

Ещё несколько фоток...
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1-4-2019 19:25 Sobaka1970
Логично. Британия. Скорее всего 1940-41.
1-4-2019 20:21 Allexcolonel
Первый снимок датирован 14 октября 1940 года...
4-4-2019 21:22 Allexcolonel
Американские моряки ...
Navy - Gun Practice - Naval rifle range, Caldwell, N.J. Lewis machine gun practice
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10-4-2019 00:40 Новгородец
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Сборка пулемета вслепую.1917-1918.

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12-4-2019 20:00 Новгородец
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Пленные британцы после битвы на реке Сомма осенью 1916 года

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24-4-2019 20:19 sakstorp

21-5-2019 17:16 Новгородец

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3-6-2019 17:34 Новгородец
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Пулемётное отделение из состава женского резерва полиции Нью-Йорка во время учебных занятий с ручным пулемётом Льюиса, Август 1918 года.

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6-6-2019 00:07 Новгородец
Mark IV 'хоумгварда' с именем собственным Excellent из состава охранного подразделения на острове Уол в гавани Портсмута. Машина получила зенитный пулемет в оборудованной рубке, 1940 год.
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6-6-2019 01:12 sakstorp
Мишень РККА 'Ручной пулемёт'. 1932
6-6-2019 16:52 Новгородец

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13-6-2019 19:54 sakstorp
Колеги, широкоизвестный в наших узких кругах блогер sassik выложил " 3-хъ лин. ПУЛЕМЕТЪ ЛЮИСА. автор : Гв. Полковникъ К. В. МЕРЕЦКIЙ" -

А также блогер klim_ren там же выложил два занимательных видео -

17-6-2019 17:26 Новгородец
Монголия, 1920
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18-6-2019 00:22 Новгородец

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22-6-2019 11:25 Allexcolonel
Machine gun drill, Camp Custer, Michigan
Пулемётные упражнения, лагерь Кастер, штат Мичиган, 1918 год...
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22-6-2019 17:11 Новгородец
Адаптер для крепления пулемёта Lewis на станке от Mk IV Vickers.

By Robert G. Segel

For collectors of machine guns, especially the old classic machine guns, accessories are as much of the "hunt" as are the guns themselves. More often than not, certain accessories are rarer than the gun it is associated with and a collection that includes rare accessories can greatly increase the value of the entire collection. Searching the tables and bins at gun shows, Knob Creek and the SAR West show, collectors are always on the lookout for that special or rare accessory to compliment their collection. Sometimes the seller doesn't know the rarity and value of such an item and it can be bought for a song: however, most times that is not the case. Nevertheless, finding that rare accessory is a thrill and a source of enjoyment that compliments the collecting experience.

One such rare accessory is the cast brass Lewis gun adapter for the Vickers Mk IV tripod. When the Lewis gun was adopted (LoC 17484, October 15, 1915), the British were quick to introduce an adapter for mounting the Lewis gun on the Mk IV Vickers tripod. While the Lewis gun is a light machine gun that utilizes a bipod, it still fires the full power of the .303 rifle caliber cartridge. There were times when it was pressed into service in the medium/heavy machine gun role where a more stable platform was needed for firing over the heads of advancing troops, or for longer range indirect, enfilade and defilade fire - particularly if one or more Vickers guns were out of action. However, it was not well suited for this roll as it was an air-cooled light machine gun and could not sustain the volume of fire that the Vickers could put out. It was actually a little better suited when used in the anti-aircraft roll. Nonetheless, there were other, better, field expedient means in which to put the Lewis in action for that purpose.

Ultimately, the adapter found little usage and was discontinued and the remaining stock most likely melted down to reclaim the valuable brass. No production figures are currently available, but this Lewis gun accessory is very rare with only a handful known to exist in museums and private collections and commands a high price on the collectors market.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V14N8 (May 2011)
and was posted online on November 1, 2011

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23-6-2019 11:23 Allexcolonel
Пулемётчики морской пехоты САСШ во время стрельб, лагерь (база) Квантико , Вирджиния,1918 год.
Marines.Machine gun practice. Quantico, Virginia...
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23-6-2019 22:10 Allexcolonel
Стрельба в противогазах...
Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas. Machine gunners in gas masks. This photograph was taken to be used by the Liberty Loan Publicity Committee...
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Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas. Machine gunners, close up view. This photograph was taken to be used by the Liberty Loan Publicity Committee

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