Новое строительство :)

Bubashot 18-04-2009 03:48

Adjustment for the hammer spring ( like the cz200 ) will happen , its just im trying to keep the number of parts down for the moment. As far as vairing the pellet speed ? with 12lb limit why would you want too !. Its more about keeping the power down .

Care to share the technicals?
What do you want to know ? its why im on the forums ,to share info not that i know much LoL.
This what your arfter ?

Over here i would get shot dead by the Police with a Banana Yellow toy gun , just as much as having the real thing !, as long as theres a black version .

val 18-04-2009 04:05

Sorry about not being clear enough. Technical data on the gun - velocity, number of shots, efficiency in cc/J, accuracy.

Regarding the trigger - that's not a true two-stage mechanism. The difference is in safety as with true two-stage trigger engagement of the sear is much more reliable.

Sorry, the author didn't release the truth about his choice of color. I was just kidding

val 18-04-2009 04:32

Here's what I meant, pretty much basic thing:

click for enlarge 1024 X 607  67,5 Kb picture
greensmith 18-04-2009 04:44

2val Want to talk about safe mechanism?
val 18-04-2009 04:50

Originally posted by more66:

Валера привет, рад видеть, я на желтые форумы не ходок (зря конечно).

Привет Так откроешь заморскому гостю причину выбора цвета детской неожиданности? А на желтом сейчас ничего интересного нет, кстати. В сто раз хуже, чем здесь.
more66 18-04-2009 11:07

Да с цветом все просто: сидел в проге цвета прикидывал (анодирование), черный страшно и мрачно-менты сразу покоцают, красный, синий, коричневый не идут. Белый хорошо под серебро и рукоятку под дерево, как в машинах панельки, но это я хотел на релиз выпендреж.
zhestary 18-04-2009 16:43

As the graphic designer, I can tell - yellow colour for the weapon - very good!
val 18-04-2009 22:28

Originally posted by more66:

черный страшно и мрачно-менты сразу покоцают,

Ага, значит в моей шутке таки была доля правды.
Bubashot 18-04-2009 23:58

You like this trigger type Val , ive seen it on the topic made by Blacksmith , il make a new mid shear and trigger and try both Thanks .
Technical data on the gun - velocity, number of shots, efficiency in cc/J, accuracy.
Sorry to say i can,t tell you alot :
velocity , it will shoot no differant to every other gun on the UK market and be just under the 12 lb (its the law over here!)
number of shots , ive got a cylinder of 200bar alloy, 33mm O/D x 24.5 I/D by 44cm long so i thinking 60 to 70 shots but this is my first .177 so maybe less. Have to see if the regulator works ( ive already be told il have problems with the ball bearing / O-ring in the reg being squashed )
efficiency in cc/J , im an engineer by trade and my maths is just not upto calculating this ??? , which is why i gave up on making a semi auto LoL.
accuracy , time will tell ? but it dosnt look good as im using a Crossman unchoked barrel , times are tough at the moment and i havent got the cash for a good BSA barrel .
Can anyone tell me how this works !

Sova902 gave me the link , id seen his pistol but not this rifle. I get how the hammer works part (B) and (N) pulls back , the hammwer locks then (B) and (N) push forwards to load the hammer. What i dont understand is how the probe(A) stays locked when fired. The spring on (A)would always be forcing the probe out of the bore ? . Is there a rotating locking pin on (B).
Im missing something ? sorry for my stupidity !.
val 19-04-2009 12:11

i havent got the cash for a good BSA barrel
You gotta be kidding me! Where I can buy one???
Remember, you owe me and Blacksmith (greensmith now)

val 19-04-2009 12:42

Originally posted by Bubashot:

What i dont understand is how the probe(A) stays locked when fired.

My best guess is that swinging down trigger guard pulls down K and unlocks N and vice-versa.
When K unlocks N, the whole group - A,M,N,B,D gets pulled back by the spring around A.
Киви-птичка 20-04-2009 11:36

Офигенная схема) для перезарядки надо дернуть за скобу)

Киви-птичка 20-04-2009 11:41

You must pull down the trigger guard to load, or lock N
Bubashot 25-08-2009 02:09

Q : Remember, you owe me and Blacksmith (greensmith now)
Join the que ! LoL
Blacksmith now greensmith ..... news to me ....i did wonder where he went too!
Mags finished on my CNC mill got the gun to cock and index

Valve was very much an idea i saw on this forum somewhere

Video of the cocking and indexing by the pump me-ch , works quite well should be alot smoother when i finish the front grip

Like Sova920,s design and would think it would work well on a gun with the bottle as the stock ( Talon type ) , i would then be able to get it to cock pulling towards me which i prefer.
L8r all
greensmith 25-08-2009 02:16

Good job, nice&cool.
Zm1y 29-08-2009 11:55

great job.
Shapovalov 31-08-2009 14:02

дааааааааа, эту энергию да в мирное русло бы) интересно кстати а как в англии это с законом согласуется?


Новое строительство :)