купля-продажа ночной оптики
Тепловизионный бинокулярный комплекс дальномер VarioView. 150 линза! 7 км ! + Moskito

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Тема: Тепловизионный бинокулярный комплекс дальномер VarioView. 150 линза! 7 км ! + Moskito
Эрих Топп
12-3-2020 09:12 Эрих Топп
В продаже тепловизионный бинокулярный комплекс с дальномером и пр функциями VarioView Genoptic.
Матрица Flir 640x480!! 150 линза!! 7 км!!
Цена $12500
В комплекте прибор, кейс, АКБ, зарядка.


The powerful diffractive 150mm optical system is Made in Germany and allows amazing views:

• Person detection up to 5 km, vehicle detection up to 7 km and higher
• A maximum of spatial resolution by utilizing uncooled, European (640x480) pixel detector
• Maintenance-free 24/7 operation possible
• Since 2009 more than 320 units are used by border guard units, crime investigation authorities and customs services
• Spectral range: 7,5 ... 14 µm
• Detector type/format: FLIR with uncooled microbolometer focal plane array, (640x480) IR pixel
• Thermal resolution at 30?C: better than 0.05 K
• IR frame rate: 25/30 Hz
• Objective lens (focal length/field-of-view): 150 mm/(6.1 x 4.6)?
• Electronical zoom: 2x and 4x
• Laser rangefinder: diode laser, 1,550 nm operational wavelength, eyesafe
• Measuring range LRF: (50 ... 5.000) m
• Viewfinder: binocular, monochrome OLED, brightness adjustable
• A/D conversion: 14 bit
• Interface: PAL/NTSC video, FireWire IEEE1394, external power supply (12 ... 24) VDC
• Power supply: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, quickcharge option, up to 6 hours operational lifetime
• Weight: 2.9 kg

The handheld VarioVIEWT 150 thermal binocular combines extended range performance with high resolution and maximum mobility for a broad variety of homeland security applications. It offers a detection range of persons up to 5 km and usually a detection range of at least 7 to 8 km for ground vehicles. The top features of this FLIR (=Forward Looking InfraRed) are:

Infrared sensor

The heart of the VarioVIEWT 150 thermal core is a (640 x 480) pixel sensor utilizing an uncooled focal plane array. The low-noise sensor system works with an amorphous silicon detector. The thermal resolution is a better than 0.05 K. Next to the image quality a very long lifetime and low maintenance level are further advantages of this system.

Lens/optical system

The thermal camera VarioVIEWT 150 is provided with an unique high-resolution, fast Germanium lens. The rigid lens system is modified with an additional DLC coating for durability and enhanced transmission. The viewfinder eyepieces offer an adjustable interpupillary distance and long eye-relief for extending observation sessions. The OLED viewfinder display is offering a 800x600 pixel resolution, its very large brightness adjustment range allows perfect viewing under any light conditions. Glare and counterintelligence measure are suppressed by this feature.

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edit log

Forest wolf 63
12-3-2020 17:37 Forest wolf 63
А дальномер до 5км.?
Эрих Топп
12-3-2020 21:04 Эрих Топп
Дальномер до 7 км.
В хорошую погоду до 8 км не редкость.
Эрих Топп
12-3-2020 21:24 Эрих Топп
Есть ещё ночной дальномерный комплекс Vectronics Moskito
Тот на 10 км бьет.
Цена не многим выше.
click for enlarge 1600 X 1200  82.2 Kb
click for enlarge 960 X 1280 147.1 Kb
20-3-2020 17:58 naxos
:. Talks
купля-продажа ночной оптики
Тепловизионный бинокулярный комплекс дальномер VarioView. 150 линза! 7 км ! + Moskito