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Viktortw 03-02-2012 23:58

Фото из книги The Perfect Edge.

click for enlarge 387 X 304 77,7 Kb picture
400x magnification of the edge honed with 3ч diamond paste showing a scratch made by a larger particle.

304 x 229
Norton 3ч diamond paste. The vertical scratches are remnants of a previous grit.

303 x 225
DMT Dia-Sharp 8000-grit diamond plate.

303 x 228
Norton 1000-grit waterstone.

305 x 228
Norton 8000-grit waterstone.
It would appear that I left a burr on this edge. Probably when I flipped the blade to polish the back and failed to chase the burr off of the bevel side.

303 x 230
Shapton 1000-grit waterstone.

304 x 230
Shapton 1000-grit waterstone using side-to-side sharpening.

305 x 228
Shapton 8000-grit waterstone.

305 x 228
Shapton 16000-grit waterstone. I followed Harrelson Stanley's recommendation and lightly "jointed" the edge just before the last passes on the stone.

303 x 227
Shapton 16000-grit waterstone using side-to-side sharpening.

305 x 229
King 800-grit waterstone.

305 x 229
Tormek stropping wheel and compound. The deeper scratches are from larger particles on the wheel.

303 x 166
5ч honing film.

304 x 228
1.0ч honing film.

305 x 228
.03ч honing film. Lots of dust on this sample.

301 x 122
Leather strop with green chromium oxide compound.

304 x 230
Leather strop with FlexCut Gold compound.

303 x 230
Leather strop with Yellowstone compound.