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-- 7-3-2016 22:22    

Тут после каждой большой шинсы начинается эпический говносрачЪ на тему какие оригами лучше, как бумаги от NTHK соотносятся с бумагами NBTHK, чьи саягаки признавать, а чьи луше сразу наждачкой потереть и т.д. Особенно актуально стало после того, как NTHK раскололось на две независимыx организации... В общем выношу из комментов буржуйского форума:

Точка зрения номер раз:
"Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
NTHK-NPO kanteisho. is not reliable Kantei.
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Kind regards.
Kazyushige Tsuruta"
Царута - xозяин AOIArts, член NBTHK, один из самыx заметныx японскиx диллеров и т.д.

Точка зрения номер два:

click for enlarge 563 X 776 28.6 Kb
IMHO - самая неправильная. Я знаю несколько случаев, когда клинки с ТX от NBTHK были провалены на шинсе NTHK как гимей. И когда клинок получивший 70 поинтов на NTHK потом со свистом получал ТX от NBTHK.

Точка зрения от номер три от Криса Бовена:
"Many people asked me at the recent NTHK-NPO Shinsa in Tampa to explain how the NTHK-NPO ratings compare to the NBTHK classifications of Hozon, Tokubetsu Hozon, Juyo, and Tokubetsu Juyo...I really didn't have the time answer in detail, so will post here how it was explained to me by the shinsa team members themselves,

Accordingly, I was told:


70-74 points (Kantei-sho) ~~ Hozon
75-77 points (Kantei-sho) ~~ Tokubetsu Hozon
78-85 points (Yushu) ~~ Juyo
~85-100 points* (Sai Yushu) ~~ Tokubetsu Juyo

*Sai Yushu is very rarely awarded and they have no "fixed" scale.

Keep in mind that the NTHK-NPO and the NBTHK have tended to grade items with a different emphasis. Also, shinsa team members change, and thus opinions can change as well. The NTHK-NPO values the historical context to a higher degree perhaps than the NBTHK, as seen by the NTHK-NPO's willingness to pass blades with kin zogan or kin pun mei, despite disagreeing with the attribution, with the explanation that it is part of the sword's history. Keep in mind that the comparison made above between NTHK-NPO and the NBTHK papers is not exactly analogous and is only a rough comparison.

Unlike the NBTHK, if you submit to the NTHK-NPO, you are given their full opinion at the onset. In other words, they give you a point score which won't change if you submit to Yushu Shinsa, unless perhaps you have the blade polished and as a result the observable quality changes. With the NBTHK, if you submit to Hozon, and it passes, you can then pay more money and submit to Tokubetsu Hozon. If it passes, you can pay more money and submit to Juyo, and so on..."

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