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Тема: Boker A-F 5 Applegate-Fairbairn продАН.
1-5-2012 14:37 parker13
нож новый!на фото он!
цена 10500р

click for enlarge 1600 X 1373 541,1 Kb picture

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1-5-2012 16:53 parker13
Boker A-F 5 Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife Fixed Blade (Bead Blast PLN) 120545
Few custom knifemakers have had such an influence on the tactical knife scene as William H. "Bill" Harsey. His designs have developed an impeccable reputation in the world of tactical knives. His custom versions are sought out across the globe, and they are difficult to obtain. And now, Boker is grateful and proud to announce a new collaboration with Mr. Harsey, resembling the legendary Applegate-Fairbairn dagger. The Harsey 5.5 is in use with several elite units around the world, and will be enhanced with modern features, to create a highly functional knife concept. The blade length provides the perfect compromise between utility and ease of carry. The expanded width and improved geometry of the double-edged, bead blasted 440C high performance steel blade immensely improve its cutting capabilities. The extended tang doubles as a glass-breaker, and the CNC machined handles, crafted of green canvas Micarta, are extremely durable and comfortable, providing a secure grip even in wet conditions. This piece comes complete with a foliage green premium tactical sheath, manufactured by Spec-Ops Brand (USA), which can be mounted in various positions and has a pouch on top, for other gear (such as a multi-tool).
Overall Length: 10.675"
Blade Length: 5.5"
Weight: 8.5 oz.

1-5-2012 23:40 Djonxxx
Boker A-F 5 Applegate-Fairbairn

Какой красавец!!!
3-5-2012 21:12 parker13
Originally posted by Djonxxx:

Какой красавец!!!

и енто точно!!!
5-5-2012 10:55 mir-38
есть интерес.
6-5-2012 00:58 ortegda
Нож продан?
6-5-2012 03:13 parker13
Originally posted by ortegda:

Нож продан?

до завтра пока за mir-38

6-5-2012 18:06 parker13
нож продан-пусть радует нового владельца!
отзывы можно оставлять в темке-