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Ingram M10 45acp submachine gun.

MiniArt 11-05-2022 21:35

перемещено из пистолет глазами владельца

The Ingram M10 is very simple and very reliable. I Thought this might interest some here.
Ingram M10 очень прост и очень надежен. Я подумал, что это может заинтересовать некоторых здесь.

Aleksandr.M 02-06-2022 11:37

Кусок патронника откололся,или под выбрасыватель?
MiniArt 03-06-2022 02:56

No, that area is relieved so the extractor can slip over the 45acp cartridge rim. I have attached a picture of the bolt face showing the design of the extractor.
Aleksandr.M 07-06-2022 13:22

Да,яснее не стало.
MiniArt 07-06-2022 16:59

The Ingram M10 was designed to be used with a sound suppressor.

DIDI 27-06-2022 12:17

Я их только на "Ганшоу" и видел.
Kodringer 15-07-2022 04:31

Да,яснее не стало

Пишет так сделано чтобы выбрасыватель надежно цеплял гильзы 45АСР

Tnank u 4 the nice photo. Is your gun fullauto or this is semi-auto pistol?

MiniArt 15-07-2022 12:54

Thanks for your question. This M10 is selective fire. It is a live firearm. It is capable of Full auto or semiauto fire.
Kodringer 16-07-2022 04:36

Yes I see. And how and where it is possible 2 buy full-auto SMG legal in 2022 in your state?
Desert Eagle 16-07-2022 09:15

Thanks for fotos! This gun really looks simple and heawy (have you ever seen the "Snitch" of Guy Ritchie? Boris The Rasor..

Is it difficult to control this mashine in fullauto? How fast does it shoot?

And... how do you use it? Do you carry it in a holster, or it lives in your car?
Or maybe it's alert gun for sleeping room?
Or just for fun and interest?

MiniArt 16-07-2022 19:24

Yes it is legal for an individual to buy full-auto weapons in my state. I live in USA.
Check this link. It is just one of many dealers of full auto firearms.
MiniArt 16-07-2022 19:31

The Ingram M10 is not difficult to control. But I hold it with 2 hands in full auto. I do not recommend firing with one hand only.
I am able to fire this weapon in 45 acp or 9mm. It loves Russian steel cased ammunition.
Kodringer 17-07-2022 11:41

Check this link

Thank you. It surprised me that modern MP5 has price of fullauto М16 and fullauto Thompson together

Have your ever shot fullauto Ingram Mac-10 to the paper target? Accuracy on different distance?

MiniArt 17-07-2022 14:31

The Ingram M10 is an open bolt submachine gun with a 150mm barrel. It was designed to be used with a sound suppressor attached. This makes it a quiet close range weapon. It was designed to engage 300x300mm targets out to 100 meters.
Kodringer 18-07-2022 04:22


Nice accuracy in practice. How does it works with supressor - accuracy is the same as without sielencer or worce?
MiniArt 18-07-2022 14:01

The sound suppressor pictured is a wipeless design. So point of impact is unchanged. If you use a sound suppressor with a rubber wipe, then point of impact will be changed.
Kodringer 19-07-2022 05:27

Some supressors without rubber wipe change the point of impact.

When you shoot fullauto using supressor is it comfort to hold the SMG with left hand on it or its very hot? I'd seen this on some photo but never understood is it possibly in practice or not.

MiniArt 19-07-2022 13:39

The sound suppressor has a covering made of Nomex. Nomex is a heat resistant material. This covering will protect the hand from burning in short engagements. But during sustained fire this suppressor will become too hot to hold with a bare hand.
mokus 28-07-2022 07:56

I dont like moderrn heat covers
click for enlarge 1280 X 1711 234.3 Kb
MiniArt 29-07-2022 12:34

Excellent Sten MK2s. Is it a live weapon? How do you like the performance of the Sten and suppressor?

перемещено из пистолет глазами владельца
Gorgul 05-08-2022 14:57

Минус и Ингрема только один - дикая скорострельность. Ему напрашивается, в рукоятку, замедлитель стрельбы по типу АПС, и шикарный аппарат получился бы.
lisasever 05-08-2022 20:28

Добрый день.
А вот целиться из него, честное слово, не удобно.
Есть у меня такой, шумовой, от MGC, под пистоны.

click for enlarge 800 X 599 145.4 Kb

Из Узи гораздо удобнее.
Есть у меня такой, Mini Uzi от Gletcher, пневматический.

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Тактическое оружие

Ingram M10 45acp submachine gun.