Оружие МЦ (ЦКИБ СОО)

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lazarus888 03-04-2011 17:04

Hello, my name is Lazar and from Serbia, i'm owner of MC Guns:
and others..
How can i find prices of MC guns in Russia (export price)?
if you have any please leave link!

Is there any MC website, i couldn't find any??

post freely in Russian i use google translate and speak a bit of Russian!
До свидания!

my mail is also:

classhunter 05-04-2011 14:08

This pricelist was published not so long ago. If i'm not mistaken in Germany.
click for enlarge 701 X 390  30,0 Kb picture
lazarus888 05-04-2011 18:51

Hello my father ,in whose name i was asking questions about MC guns , has great passion for hunting , for his 63age ,he hunts for 50years.
He has all above named guns: MC5 MC6 and MC7, and he hunts with them and is very satisfied with quality. In Serbia, occasionally we get secondhand MC guns , and at the moment there are here two MC5 guns, and no one has the ability to determine theirs real value. Their age is about 30 years and more.
So my help question was ...what's the real price of MC guns now, newer one and second hand one...
so any help would be good!
thanks in advance!
classhunter 05-04-2011 20:31

Originally posted by lazarus888:

what's the real price of MC guns now

You can look for example here:
We almost always have a so called contract prise, so you can buy a gun cheaper...
SergeVB 06-04-2011 23:32

Price depends heavily on the country in which you want to sell shotguns.
Mikhey_Omsk 08-04-2011 20:57

And when you talk about Russia, the prices here are as high as they possibly can be))))
nakss+b 10-04-2011 03:11

Цена сильно зависит от страны, в которой вы хотите продать ружья.

Совсем недавно в одной европейской стране МЦ-109 70х годов было продано за 1500евро с нытьём: - Ну купи русское ружьё...)))
Ружьё было ввезено в Россию.
Mikhey_Omsk 10-04-2011 09:34

И, о чудо, цена на ружье сразу выросла в 15 раз)))

Оружие МЦ (ЦКИБ СОО)

Pomognite :)