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Продам пистолет Socom Gear MEU 1911 Limited Edition (Black) [8900 р.]

cyberzeus 30-08-2013 10:17
Продаю новые (2шт. по 8900 р.) Socom Gear MEU 1911 Limited Edition (Black)
Аутентичные маркировки корпуса морской пехоты США.
Комплектация: кейс, магазин, глушитель, тренчик

MEU (SOC) Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operation Capable.
Includes: Madbull outback dummy light weight barrel extension & real gun case.

The release of the SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU has been highly anticipated by those that know what this pistol is. To the untrained eye it may look like just another 1911 but it is ,in fact, much more. The SOCOM Gear 1911 MEU features a full metal body, upgraded iron sights for easier aiming, front cocking serrations on the slide, comfortable grips, ambidextrous safety for right and left handed users. Also for enhanced looks SOCOM Gear has added and engraved slide, lower frame and chamber; as well as a 3 hole trigger, skeleton hammer, and beaver tail.

Authentic Deep Engraving (stamping).
Non Slip Rubber Combat Grip.
Metallic Color Finish.
Tactical Retention Lanyard.
Barrel Extension Adapter.
One Magazine.
Muzzle Velocity: 300-330 fps.
Magazine Capacity: 15+1.
Gas Type: Green, Red, Propane.

cyberzeus 30-08-2013 10:22

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